Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Kasabian at The Sands Centre Carlisle

So Kasabian came here last year. Around August. It was a concert for Teen Cancer. Good on them..
Not a bad gig either.. Sold out crowd and only a couple weeks notice to get the whole thing together so credit to The Sands Centre for sorting that out.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Stereophonics - Sands Centre Carlisle

So these welsh dudes came into the Sands last year for a bit of Karioke - selfish buggers sang only their own songs..

Crowd seemed to like it though so can't complain.

Time to Play Catch Up!

I guess first of all I will catch up with the gigs and studff I have shot since I moved here 18 or so months ago.
Bear in mind that I live in Cumbria, so it's not exactly rock and roll central. Nor centre of anything really but hey, some decent bands and gigs happen here from time to time (anyone remember the Ramones at Market Hall?)

Who knows where the people playing here will end up..